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Ray Brown 

Sales Account Executive
Office: (800) 221-2056
Mobile: (850) 443-7373
Email: rabrown@datatracetitle.com 

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Go ahead...call us bold and ambitious.

At DataTrace we are forging an industry wide vision – the standardization of title and tax information into a digitized format, allowing our partners in the title insurance industry to streamline order processing and title production. We are leading the way in the automation of large-scale title and tax databases.

Since joining DataTrace, I’ve had a keen interest in achieving my clients' title solution needs. As an account manager, knowing exactly what my clients want and need, and delivering them solutions to better their business, makes me content.

It’s our inventive drive that keeps us forging ahead.

DataTrace will continue its mission to strengthen and perfect the way that title insurers conduct title examinations. It’s our goal to empower our customers through streamlined order processing and title production.

We understand that innovation is born from insightful customer conversations and through these conversations we’ve pinpointed our unparalleled strengths.

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